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“Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use – do the work you want to see done.” - Austin Kleon

Today TMO talks with Grant Trahant founder of causeartist.com which spotlights brands, individuals, and organizations changing the world through social impact investing, social business models and social good technology.  Grant is also a musician who donates the proceeds from sales and streaming royalties to social impact projects around the world.

“There is something burning inside of me that it just takes me to what I am doing. I have always really followed that intuition. I don’t really think that it can be explained but if there is something you feel passionate about, you don’t really have a choice. It sort of consumes you and then you have to do it.” - Grant Trahant

In this episode Grant describes his journey at CauseArtist, the ups and downs and the knowledge he gained over the years. 

Episode Highlights:
    •    What is social entrepreneurship and social enterprise concept and how it impacts the world
    •    What is sustainability model and how is it being misused by some large enterprises
    •    Example of Social Entrepreneurship: LSTN Headphones- offering high quality headphones made from wood. Their collaboration with Starkey foundation to contribute towards giving hearing back to a child or adult in need [11:00]
    •    Social Entrepreneurship trend in UK and comparison with US states [15:00]
    •    Law making for Benefit corporations in US and what does it mean to be a Benefit corporation [17:00]
    •    Inspiration for coming up with the name “CauseArtist” [18:30]
    •    What type of content has more chances of getting shared [20:00]
    •    Importance of design and graphics in the success of a website [23:30]
    •    Grant’s opinion on how a shift in mindset can bring a huge social impact in lives of people around the world [28:00]
    •    Passion for music and how it led to grntwish.com [32:00]
    •    A sneak peek into Grant’s music, “Broken Dream” song by GRANT WISH [53:00]
    •    IMPULSE [53:10]
    •    GETTING PERSONAL [42:00]
    •    “What Good Shall You Do Today?” [53:20]
    •    Visit www.CauseArtist.com and www.Grntwish.com to learn more about Grant Trahant and Social Entrepreneurship and how to make a social impact in the world.


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