How NOT being a Vegetarian cost me $10,000

Did I eat too much meat?

Should I have eaten more vegetables?

Unfortunately, it was not that easy. It was not diet.

It was dumb decision making.

Many years ago, I purchased the website from a nice woman in Chicago.  I had a small publishing business and thought it would fit in nicely.  The site had lots of traffic and a decent following.

The only problem is that I was not a vegetarian.  This makes it hard to run a site about vegetarianism.

I learned this the hard way when I did a post about caesar salads and had major backlash about the dressing.  I had no clue that there were anchovies in caesar dressing!

Now with Bureau of Impact I know better.  I know about investments.  I know about risk.  I know about the environment and social causes. And it is not really about the money either.  It is about making an Impact and my mark in the world.

(Sorry Missy.  I'll do better this time.)