Obsessed? - Why do I love these buildings so much?

When I see a building I like this, I get a tingling feeling. Giddy.  Excited.

Most would call this an eyesore or a teardown.

I see opportunity.

What can go here? What can we do with this? Who can use it? How beautiful and useful it can be!

Fortunately, we get the opportunity to work with owners and sellers of these buildings on a weekly basis.  We also get to work with the city staff and neighbors to make communities better.

Our real estate reuse and redevelopment services are provided by our national brokerage and development partner Andrus & Morgan Co..

Investment opportunities in these properties are provided here by Bureau of Impact. Find out more about triple bottom line real estate investments here or call 1-866-539-1777.

 Reuse & Redevelopment Opportunities

Reuse & Redevelopment Opportunities